Is amazon a fortune 100 company?

The two technology giants Amazon and Apple account for about 20% of the total revenues in the top 10 list. Amazon's premium entertainment and delivery subscription service is said to have added more than 150 million customers worldwide in recent years. Amazon was the only company to rank in the top five in the “influence” and “trustworthy” categories in the Fortune survey, and ranked first overall. This well-established ranking has been a standard of performance for more than 50 years and it will be interesting to see Amazon and other technology companies carve out a new story to further close the gap in this race.

And Amazon ranked in the top five for “most influence” among the companies on the Fortune 100 list, and was the first in the categories of “most reliable” and “company you would most like to invest in” in a SurveyMonkey survey of more than 10,000. Bezos was the “big winner”, according to Fortune, of a survey that the magazine conducted among Fortune 500 executives and directors on which leader they most admire. Two decades ago, technology giant IBM ranked sixth, and today it's not even on Fortune's top 10 list. However, as for the companies that most excite investors in terms of market capitalization, they are once again the top three: Apple, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway.