What does it mean to work at a fortune 500 company?

The Fortune 500 list is an annual list of 500 of the largest American companies ranked by total revenues for their respective fiscal years. The list has been compiled and published by Fortune magazine. Being on the Fortune 500 list, prestigious firms on the list are considered to be of high quality. The Fortune 500 is synonymous with a true corporate environment.

Large offices, senior managers and national or even international business operations. Starting your career in one of these companies requires a lot of self-motivation and hard work. And that's just the beginning, it's even more work once you work there. People are surprised when I say that I've been using email since 1981, but that's how my Fortune 500 employer kept 120,000 of us connected around the world.

Beyond that, I realized that balance must be prioritized when working for a Fortune 500 company. As someone who worked for a Fortune 500 employer for more than 10 years (before I was fired), I have seen this category of employers from both inside and outside the organization. Think about your long-term career and life goals and consider whether a Fortune 500 employer is right for you. Yes, Fortune 500 companies represent that standard of reference in business, but the reasons for their ranking vary.

There are many different positions, requiring a lot of different backgrounds to maintain a strong Fortune 500 company. Another advantage of working for a Fortune 500 employer is that you can usually move relatively easily within the organization. Compiled by Fortune and partner company Great Place to Work, the list of the 100 best companies to work for recently included the best companies that are taking a step forward to support their employees in unprecedented times. You can learn more about the growing diversity of Fortune 500 companies in this recent post from my LinkedIn News colleague, Harriet Sinclair, U.

The Fortune 500 is home to millions of jobs from a wide variety of backgrounds, in many different places, with many different “corporate cultures” and in many different sectors. Unfortunately, over the years, several of these companies have become famous, or infamous, for “offshoring” and sending large categories of jobs to places where labor is cheaper. A Fortune 500 company could be a viable employment option, whether you have recently graduated or are an experienced professional. Fortune magazine, a widely recognized American business publication, annually ranks the largest companies in the United States.

When I worked for a Fortune 30 company (with more than 120,000 other employees), my job was a commercial manager for large fixed-price purchases of the Federal Government. After creating your resume and references, landing your dream job at a Fortune 500 company seems like a huge achievement.